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It is definitely a scam, I got better seats when I bought tickets without the Fight Club membership. This Fight Club thing seemed like a scam from jump. Why am I paying to pay? With all the free offerings of Fight Club memberships and as widely as the codes are leaked, this is just a horrible scam that has been going unchecked for far too long. You are soooo not special for having a Fight Club membership and you'll feel that the second you try to get anything better than nosebleed seats.

The day I got my tickets from Ticketmaster and they had a Stub Hub a site for scum bags trying to rip off fans advert on the back, I knew what was up. I felt like I was a chump for even thinking I could get good tickets. I have not been to a fight or tried to even purchase tickets in 3 years.

I attempted to contact people within the organization to try to find out how the best tickets were sold out and on Stub Hub within 10 mins of the initial "Super Awesome Fight Club Bro Hook Up". TL;DR It's a scam to sell tickets as quickly as possible. I don't know much about StubHub except for my personal experience, but during this years NHL playoffs I was able to go to a couple LA Kings games for lower than face value, as I purchased my tickets about hours before game time.

I fucking hate TicketMaster and will avoid them like the plague, but I will definitely be checking StubHub again for last minute deals. Otherwise, I always make my purchases directly from the box office, as you never get hit with any bullshit fees that way.

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I am not defending them but, the ufc is a huge corporation and I cannot imagine Dana being responsible for this. I would assume zuffa hires a marketing team and they have them handle the ticket sales and all of that. I have heard stories that people have tweeted dana about their bad seats and he's upgraded them for free during the show. Thanks for the info buddy. At least your membership bought you one thing, a valuable lesson.


And hopefully your experience will help others in making their decisions on purchasing an FC membership. The part that sucks is I've paid for membership for the last 3 years and if I didn't look into this I would of never known. The other perks are cool don't get me wrong, the magazine, q and a sessions and first access is good for popular events. Overall a shady move by the UFC and it seems the FC manager feels its an issue that's out of her hands and probably won't do anything about it from the responses I've gotten.

The fight club manager told me they have the right to change pricing and sections when they want. In my post I stated the original pricing was for floors and for lower level. The UFC added the dollar ticket price and added seats this is apparent. So fight club really didn't get the best seats on day one. The only reason I got the fight club membership was because it was almost impossible to get tickets without it in Australia. Haven't had any issues with the seats I've got but I still feel it's a bit of a scam.

Could the seats have been bought before you bought your tickets then resold on ticketmaster? Im sure that third party scalping not sure of the technical name companies also have fight club memberships that buy seats in bulk on release day then resell them on ticketmaster. Did you pay the same amount for your seats ?