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Very sorry to hear you feel that way. It was a surprise to so many. No word or press, hated to see it go. Returning to Arizona soon, hope mine is still open there. Just could compete with the Subway next door, I guess. Terrible experience! Save yourself the hassle! My second time coming here because my brother likes their food! Worst customer service and employees!

Thanks for ruining our lunch I greatly appreciate it. Very sorry to hear about your poor experience. And please include your contact info, too.

Thanks for stopping by, but unfortunately Seamless food delivery is not available in your country.

Any word on getting back to the Orlando area? This restaurant is too new for this kind of service. Thought you should know. Thanks for letting us know! We appreciate you taking the time to write in. Zero chemicals. This would be awesome!!! The man from this Freshana company was Mike Elmore. Let us know please. I was very disappointed when you closed the store in Marshall, Michigan. I had been asking every time I was there for you to expand to Coldwater, Michigan.

I hope you will consider more locations in smaller cities. Thanks for the feedback, Heidi. Our restaurants close for a lot of different reasons, particularly our franchise-owned locations. We each ordered the pick 2 combo; he got a sandwich and a salad and I ordered a pizza and a salad.

He enjoyed his sandwich except for the fact that is was smothered in sauce. My pizza was not very good at all, undercooked yet burned on the bottom. Our salads were terrible. The lettuce was brown in some places and looked old; the caesar dressing was very sour and had a vinegar taste. It made me sick in the parking lot of the restaurant.

If you can, please email me at schlotzskyspr schlotzskys. Thanks for your comment. The Chipotle Honeys were a great trio of sandwiches. Glad you enjoyed them! Any prospects of a Schlotskys coming to the St. Louis or St Charles, mo area again? Really really miss those sandwiches. Louis or St. Only prints out a blank page. Pls mail it to me.. Any plans to move into the Baltimore-Washington, DC area?

I love your sandwiches but this is frustrating! Thank you,. Thanks for the tips, Debera. We know there are improvements that can be made to our eClub system. We have started asking our restaurants to accept the coupon when you show it on your smartphone, as opposed to having to print it out. NM is one up on DC Metro area! Yes, they do. Arrived 10 minutes before closing this evening in order to grab some sandwiches and pizzas. Employee Melanie was working this evening and was friendly and helpful as usual. She is great and always gets our order right. However, it was very obvious.

Unfortunately I did not get the names of the male and female worker. This is the location we always go to and have always gotten great service. Melanie in particular has always been very kind and has a great personality. However on this particular night, her coworkers made the experience very unpleasant.

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Thanks for sharing this information with us, Marie. I apologize you were treated poorly by these employees, though is sounds like Melanie did her best to handle the situation. I will definitely pass your issue along to our customer service department so we can make the owner aware. You will be contacted via email by customer service should we need additional info or need to follow up.

Thanks for the great compliment, Ralph! Better late than never! It was wonderful. I enjoyed the wonderful soups that were served. Then it closed and I moved to FL. Thousands of employees pass by there everyday and there is nowhere near to pick up a meal to take to work or grab on the way home. There is a large new development nearby that would add to the customer influx. It would be the perfect location. Hope to see you soon. Thanks for the great tip, Bonnie! You were here in a bad location! McKinney has exploded and is a thriving town, with new restaurants and retail popping up everywhere all the time.

You are definitely missing out on a great location for your business!!! Thanks for the tip, Susan. The city is absolutely on our radar, though! I have mentioned this to numerous people and have tried researching it but have never found any info on it. The letters were vertical on the poster. The store was in Lake Jackson, Tx. Is it possible that I really did see this and if so, can you finish the acronym for me?

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I have thought about this for years. Your input on this would greatly be appreciated. Let me do some digging. I have missed your sandwiches for years now. Not sure about Ann Arbor. We still have three locations in Battle Creek and one in Portage. Charles, MO area? I saw you mention about the route 66 and St Charles would fit right in there.

No, we do not. You can order food online at certain locations right now and we hope to launch online ordering for all locations soon. The woman behind the counter was very unwelcoming and unhelpful. We received a number with our order. When our number was called a employee would get it and bring it to you. The employee working this position was absolutely filthy.

Then proceed to play around the trash can wiping the rim and digging in it with his bare hands. Never once leaving to wash is hands before serving orders to customers. After watching I ended up losing my appetite and leaving before I finished my meal. I was sadden by this as this was by my job. Does anyone know if there will be another open in this area anytime soon?

We do still have a Denver-area location in Greenwood Village. Hope you can swing by to enjoy that one! Very disappointed. Hi Max — So very sorry about your recent visit. Someone will be in touch with you soon. So excited to try it out. The service was great as usual, however… I was sitting in my truck as the young lady went to get my food and I noticed an employee mixing salad for what appeared to be a catered order. As she transferred salad from one bowl to another, she dropped a handful on the floor.

One would think that she would discard that immediately. She consequently bent down, scooped the salad into a pile and put it back with the rest of the ingredients. The young lady returned with my food which I regrettably took. I asked if the lady was a manager, but she did not respond. The young lady serving me walked over to the older woman and she came to the window with a brochure for the catering service. I asked her if they did catering and she was very enthusiastic about the service they provided.

I asked her about the salads and she said they were very good and made fresh. I laughed. I told her that I am glad she keeps things so clean, but I highly doubt that the individual who is going to eat the salad will feel the same way. I also let her know that I will never return to that location again due to her arrogance about the whole situation.

As I drove away I heard her yell out an apology but it was a little too late at that point. I only hope that the ingredients on my pizza were not handled in the same manner. The event occurred on Feb 26, at am. Hi Jake — Thanks for sharing this information with us. Someone will be in touch to get the exact location of the restaurant you visited. We will be sure to make the owner aware of what you witnessed. Do you have any plans to come to McKinney, Texas? The closest one is a 20 minute drive in Allen , hidden off the main road just discovered it recently.

You had a location in McKinney once before, in a bad location. The population of McKinney has exploded since you were here, and it is a perfect time for you to come back. Lots of prime locations available. Please, please, please consider coming back to McKinney! Good luck.

We have been trying to get one to return to the St. Louis area for years and years. I would drive 30 plus minutes if one would return. We placed our order at p.

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  • We have visited this location numerous times and have never had to wait that long for a sandwich. There were only 2 employees. We specifically stopped here because it is normally quick. We had a prior appointment at pm. They will process your case and be sure to inform the owner of your issue. I went into the schlotskys here in harker heights, TX to order two wraps which I thought would take at the max 10 minutes since I was one of 3 customers inside. I watched everyone I went before get their food before I finally got my order 35 minutes later.

    No one attempted to tell me what was going on. So of course I left disgruntled since I am not a person who likes to cause controversy. Never going to this location again and I highly do not recommend this one to anyone. Otilio — I can assure you this is not the norm for the Harker Heights location. I have taken your comment and your contact information and forwarded it to our guest relations department.

    They will be in touch and will ensure the owner of this location is aware of your issue. Went to schlotzsky my first time on March 15 it was bad….. Please contact me if possible Thanks for sharing this info with us, Tina. I have your comments and your phone number and have passed them on to our guest relations specialist. Someone will contact you tomorrow. Your store in La Quinta, CA is in need of new blood. The store,compared to two yrs ago, is night and day. Nepotism seems to be one of the problems. Customer service has decreased substantially. My guess is you are about to close that store.

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    Regardless, I will take my business elsewhere. Give them help or close the doors. I have taken your comments and contact info and passed them on to our guest relations department. Why did you lease us? Please come back. We need you!!! Love, A Huge Fan. I love schlotzkys sandwiches and I am getting them for me and my family since about 15 yrs in killeen tx at store They always were delicious.

    Today I called in to order and pick up like usually. They took 10 min. When I got there it was still laying at the register so finally they started my sandwiches. Everything was wrong and not what I ordered. I watched and tried to tell them how I ordered it butthey paid no attention. All together they were the worst sandwiches I ever got from that store.

    The people were new and I cant get anymore sandwiches until there are decent people to fix them. I hope you be able to fix that problem so I can get good sandwiches again. Thanks for sharing this with us, Gaby. Someone will be in touch soon. I will be awaiting your reply hopefully with some answers or solutions!!! I have passed your name and contact information on to our guest relations specialist. Someone will be reaching out to you today for additional information about your issue.

    We have plenty of space for building and I know a huge amount of people that would love to eat there more often. I as well as many others believe that building one of your restaurants in Burleson would benefit you and your company.


    Please consider my suggestion and thank you for your time. Your wish may come true sooner than you think! Every year for past 3 years I wish upon a Schlotzskys in our area. Is it possible my wish could come true too? Louis Missouri!!!! McKinney is a highly desirable city, and was ranked the 2nd best place to live in America in ! Money Magazine You are really missing an opportunity by not coming to McKinney. You would have more business than you know what to do with! How about Winter Garden, FL? We need a more nourishing place to grab a quick meal besides your usual fast food joints and your food is so much better.

    I need the store number for the one in Brea, CA E. Imperial Hwy, I am attempting to complete the online survey but the store number is not on the receipt. So sorry about that! The store number for that location is That way should take you directly to the site! Steve from Chicago here once again. We spoke several times a couple years ago. Steve, my man! First off, Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day! Seems like a no-brainer to me to open one up here. Seems to be more attention is on burgers than sandwiches, at least around Chicago. Come on people, step up!

    I look forward to hearing from you, and you also have a wonderful day too!! It was nice speaking with you again. The site should automatically pull up and give you the option to enter the four-digit store number on your receipt. If you still have issues, let us know. Once there, you should see a page that asks you to enter the 4-digit number on your receipt. If you continue to have issues, please call BUNS and our guest relations specialists can walk you through. We want to make sure you get your cookies!

    Love your food! I eat at you Birmingham Hwy location about 3x a week. My only complaint is that the WiFi inside the store is so poor that you are barely able to get a signal. Really that is not a major concern to me, but I only wanted to ake you aware of this problem. I went to the website bunbuzz.

    PSA: BOGO Pizzas at Schlotzsky's Every Wednesday Starting Today

    I put in the store id on my receipt and it asked if i was selecting a store in some other state and i indicated no, so i tried again and this time it gave me a message saying you can only do the survey once every 2 weeks. Is there another number that is actually the store number and not the store id? Is there somewhere I can find the number for my location on hwy 92 woodstock? Hi Cindy, Email our Guest Relations team social schlotzskys. I talked to our new Executive Chef who is very committed with coming with vegetarian and vegan options on our menu.

    Still waiting to hear of a new Schlotskys opening in the St. Charles area. We would love any menu item you put in your restaurant. Vegetarian — animal bi products Vegan — no animal bi products whatsoever There is a difference. Vegetarian is just as unhealthy, if not more. Sorry for all the posts….. Hi, Elissa. When I went back the next day, all the employees were very hostile and the manager even tried correcting me saying that the soup had sausage in it.

    This is a big issue as your employees need to be educated better and realize that some people cannot eat certain things rather than completely ignoring their request. This was tremendously inconvenient for me. Sorry to hear that, Maiesha. Please email the details of your experience to social schlotzskys. I went to the one in Buda 5 minutes before closing time.. And they told us that their clock said Doors still open drive thru lights on.. I have worked as an assistant manager at restaurants before..

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    And this is definitely not the way to treat customers. I called them 7 min later acting like a different person asking them for their hours and if i had enough time to go by.. Everyone tells us that they serve great sandwiches and we wanted to try them.. I come from san marcos drove all the way here to taste them sandwiches just to go home with Mc Donlads.

    Hi, Priscila. Sorry to hear that. Had lunch today at the Lamar location and watched my pizza sitting, getting cold for minutes while nobody seemed to care. Many locations exclude laptop purchases, so be aware of limitations. This offer is limited to active and former U. Proof of service is required. Applebees: Discount varies per location, simply ask and have a valid military ID. Some locations do have a Military Monday special which is 30 percent off on Mondays only.

    Arby's: Discount varies per location, simply ask and have a valid military ID with you. This includes any of the items in the store as well as dining. You must provide valid military ID or proof of service to receive the discount. Skip to main navigation. With November 11th around the corner, Veterans Advantage has confirmed details on Veterans Day freebies available at restaurants nationwide.

    While saying thank you is important all year long, these restaurants offer free meals and desserts to our service members on and around Veterans Day. They were attacking German fortifications around the French city of Metz. It was the last time the battalion fired a shot in anger. One minute later there was complete silence.

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