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Our family-owned company has a reputation for superior customer service and our loyal patrons spread the word throughout the community. In addition, we have a large variety of truck accessories in stock, and when we don't happen to carry the particular item you're looking for, we can secure it by the next day. A Growing Company. We then moved to our current location a few years later. We continue to be passionate about honesty and customer satisfaction, with a focus on superior service.

View some of the trucks accessorized with our quality products. Follow Us Today Facebook. Phone: Email: smtruck verizon. The rigid bead version of the classic Rubino tire, now with 3C Graphene compound. Tried, true, and dependable performance! The Vittoria Randonneur II is a great, thick, all around tire for your everyday riding needs and offers comfort as well as durability.

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Our popular semi-slick tread for the city and touring, featuring subtle siping for wet weather use. E-bike compliant Graphene compound rolls fast, and when used on an e-bike, extends battery life. Great city tyre presenting fast rolling puncture protection and good grip. Its double shielding puncture protection makes the Randonneur Tech a lot more resistant to cuts from glass and sharp objects. Ground breaking all conditions tyre from Vittoria featuring their exclusive Graphene fortified rubber compound.

Super grip, low rolling resistance and incredible durability. The Rubino Control is a folding tire with a very robust construction, capable of handling the worst of road conditions, without sacrificing the performance the Rubino range is known for. The training tire benchmark includes a strong nylon casing, secure grip, and long tread life. Using a mixed tread design, optimized for all-around use, the Zaffiro works well in a range of training conditions. Add the durable folding nylon casing, and you get a performance oriented training tire at a great price!

Zaffiro recognized everywhere as the training tyre for the serious rider.

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Rugged construction shrugs off flats, keeps on gripping in all conditions, sustains big mileages with no worries. Enter the E-Rando from Vittoria. Plateau-like, rounded knobs readily shed dirt and debris. Multi-purpose tire for medium to wet conditions Stiff tread sheds dirt and debris 2. Big tread blocks, aggressive tread, amazing cornering ability and able to roll with the best of them,. Triple compound rubber puts the hard rubber where you ned it to punch through for grip and softer rubber on the edge blocks so you lean it over hard to rail every corner and berm.

Designed for speed, it features a LiteSkin carcass on the sidewalls , reducing weight in the process, and their PaceStar triple compound for excellent performance and grip. Self-cleaning tread knobs all have siping, side knobs stepped, and leading edges ramped at center. Additionally, it has harder, directional central knobs for less rolling resistance. They are quite possibly the most popular tires in the history of WTB.

Strong sidewalls and UST style tubeless ready bead make this a firm favourite. Incredible grip, low rolling resistance and lightweight to boot. The Goma is the Enduro race tyre from Vittoria's off-road tyre range. Big tread blocks, aggressive tread, amazing cornering ability and able to roll with the best of them. A Hybrid or narrow MTB tyre with a modern tread pattern that makes use of sips to gain additional traction.

A fast rolling wet conditions XC race tire, designed for top performance without compromising rolling resistance. All working together to create a 29" tire that can take you anywhere. A firm favourite on the race circuit and with our faster riding customers and staff. Weight: 2. Low, wide-spaced knobs for least rolling resistance and low weight, specifically designed for XC racing. Defined center ridge tread with capable side knobs, emphasized on speed.

Slap on a set of Breakouts, fun comes in size large. Big, all-mountain fun. Turn into a real Trail Boss and unleash the beast!

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The generous volume allows the King to roll swiftly and provides loads of traction and direct steering response. In fast corners the outer lugs are ramped to provide support in even the most adverse conditions. Weight: Inspired by Kirk Pacenti, father of the b movement these are the best new b tyre we've ridden this year. Originally designed by Rivendell bikes these are now produced exclusively for us by Panaracer in Japan. How can a tire with so much traction roll this fast?

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The answer is the ramped leading edge design, medium tread depth, and of course the 4C Graphene compound TNT versions. Carvy loam trails and technical off-camber switchbacks are no match for the Morsa! A great balance of versatility and performance. Rolls fast and bites hard. Wire bead 2. All working together to create a b tire that can take you anywhere. All working together to create a tire that can take you anywhere.

Great for dry weather conditions. Panaracer's new Gravelking SK folding tyres are our new favourite endurance tyre. Perfect for gravel, touring and even cyclocross these ultra durable, low rolling resistance tyres have really turned our heads. Unleashing profile and breathtakingly fast especially when large volume speed counts. The Special One. Dual compound, folding bead, grippy tread, fast rolling, puncture protection and the Schwalbe brand quality.

This Gravel tyre is ready to take you on adventures. The combination of smooth-rolling center knobs and aggressive shoulder lugs provide great traction and durability for gravel roads, trails, cyclo-cross, urban assault and even pavement. Handmade in Japan by Panaracer this lightweight tyre will cut through the slop to find traction and offers maximum grip due to its ZSG rubber compound.

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Fast rolling and durable with a herringbone pattern that helps to clear water for more grip. Lightweight, great traction and fast rolling design. Also available in tubeless ready. The Jack Brown is a favourite with mixed use cyclist who wants the fast rolling of a road tyre and the protection of an off road unit. The Jack Brown Green is a favourite with mixed use cyclists who wants the fast rolling performnce of a road tyre.

This is one very light and fast b road and trail tyre. To make it the absolute high-flyer, mount the TL-easy version without a tube on a tubeless-compatible wheel. Grippy, fast rolling CX tyre with an excellent self-cleaning tread pattern that will never bog up with mud. Now featuring a PRB anti-puncture belt it's tougher than ever. With a reflective sidewall stripe and contrasting black tread pattern it's the perfect 26" tyre for cruisers and urban bikes.

This bicycle tire also offers 3mm LDP reinforcement for improved puncture protection and a reflective sidewall for improved night visibility. This is done by providing the band of a five millimeter flexigum protection belt. Deep water grooves help channel water in wet conditions. Brilliant performance with reinforced sidewalls. In a world of lightweight wannabees the Rolly Poly sets the standard for heavy duty commuter and Gravel Adventure slicks.

Schwalbe's new urban tyre, built for retro-modern bikes and available in a wide range of profile widths. The Randonneur rolls like a smaller slivker tyre but offers all the cushion and protection of a much bigger volume. Solid Sheilding Puncture Protection. The Voyager delivers all of Vittoria's skinny tyre expertise in a large carcass design. Standard tubes offer good puncture resistance and a solid air-tight performance. Fewer punctures, better air retention, lower rolling resistance and more grip. Individually hand inspected and tested. Perfect for the hill climb season.

If you're running GP4's or Gatorskins why would you use anything else? Slime tubes are factory filled with the precise amount of sealant needed to keep you rolling even on the worst road surfaces. Self-sealing, puncture repairing inner tubes No mess, no fuss, just fit and forget Puncture protection for up to two years. The lightweight version is still just as effective as the standard product, but will not increase the weight of your bike by that much where it matters most - around the wheels! On-One inner tubes come at a price that means you'll never need to repair a puncture again. We bulk these for our own bike builds, they're just great value for money tubes, supple, light and durable.

Stock up now while you can. Made using thinner butyl rubber to keep the weight and rolling resistance to a minimum. Durable enough to keep you rolling, yet light enough to not feel overly cumbersome in your jersey pocket. All inner tubes feature a Presta valve. These reflectors will significantly increase your safety on roads. Its just perfect for your workshop! Convert them to work with FSA's own 9mm thru skewer. Turn your x12mm thru axle rear hub into a Boost compatible x12mm monster. Turn your x15mm thru axle rear hub into a Boost compatible x15mm monster.

Swap your hubs between different axle and QR types with these interchangeable hub ends.

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Spinning on Japanese Ezo cartridge bearings these lightweight hubs are built to last. Just choose your model and a variant from the drop-down menu. Swap between 12mm and 15mm front axles or choose the x12mm rear thru axle. Take your investment in amazing wheels with you from bike to bike. Lets you fit 8, 9, or speed cassette to any speed shimano freehub body. Percision machined thread and co-moulded rubber seal. Rubber seal is rectangular block style, not taper round profile Pictures shown rubber seal looking down the straight edge.

Removable valve core allows for easy tyre sealant filling. They'll also work great with any Presta drilled rim with a deep drawn spoke bed. It will provide you with that stiff and solid feeling so that you can charge down trails faster than ever before! TP: M12 x 1. If you prefer Stealth style thru axle's then this is the kit to buy.

If you're running a back end with a 12mm thru axle this might be a perfect match Shaft diametermm Shaft length: mm Thread pitch: 12x 1. Perfect for most turbo trainers and ideal to help keep your other skewers for best. Single rear skewer Heavy duty handle Round ended nut.

Make sure you choose the right spoke length and type for your wheelset. The CX Ray is one of the most advanced, lightweight and strongest spokes available on the market - perfect for any kind of competitive cycling from Road Racing to MTB Downhill! Perfect for MTB and Urban bike use.

The Laser is a top flight spoke ready to help you build an incredible wheelset. Magic Milk HI-Fibre tubeless tyre sealant is the faster sealing formula for higher air pressure and larger holes Going tubeless is a revelation and will improve every ride on your bike. Going tubeless is a revelation and will improve every ride on your bike and OKO's sealant works just as well with inner tubes and your favourite current tyre. With a foolproof easy applicator built into every bottle OKO's Puncture Free sealant is perfect for first timers looking to give tyre and tube sealant a try.

Seals holes up to 4mm Up to 6 months puncture protection per application For all tyres and tube sizes Easy applicator built into every bottle. OKO's X-Treme inner tube sealant is the serious solution for riders who want maximum protection and can't be bothered with a full tubeless set-up. Weather seals to cover the open bearing ends on Ambrosio Varo front hubs. Never scratch yuor race wheels in the back of the car again. Available in 66m rolls this tough light tape is easy to fit and comes in sizes for specific WTB rims.

What not to like at this price? It is so good that we use it for our road bikes! It's so good everyone uses it unles they're running tubeless. It's the original and best cotton rim tape.

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Active formula for quick and successful puncture repair Pocket and lightweight Perfect for the racing enviroment where time really counts! It will get you out of even the worst trouble! Comes with Extremely lightweight Carbonaria 35mm tubelss valves. Pair of foam tubless tyre inserts, various size options.

Comes with half barrel and round wedge type rim sealing bungs making them suitable for any rim shape. Multi-purpose inner tube and tubeless tyre repair kit. Thanks to a switch servo support, the mechanical switching resistance is reduced, allowing you to switch extremely comfortably. Spinning on Japanese Ezo cartridge bearings these classy lightweight hubs are built to last.

The lightweight Sludi is a classic box wall double eyeletted race rim weighing in at only grams. A solidly built lightweight rim designed for Fat Bikes. We put them on every fat bike we build- they're that good. SO they're way easier to fit tyres on! Set Currency:. Brands Planet X On-One. See All Clothing. Home Wheels. Found in: Wheels Hand Built Wheels. Handbuilt wheelset gms per pair 30mm deep 9mm wide rims 32 spoke lacing Super Tough Wheelset.

Selcof Ultra 0. Found in: Wheels Selcof Wheels. Full-carbon 56mm deep clincher wheelset Bladed anodized aero spokes High Tg resin braking surface spd Selcof Race hubs. Carbon fibre disc skinned rear wheel Low profile hub for minimum drag speed freehub Japaneze EZO bearings. Found in: Wheels Fulcrum Wheels. Fulcrum Red Zone Size: Fulcrum Red Fire 5 Weight: c g Carbon rims Double butted Sapim spokes. You might not be racing Enduro but they'll still serve you well on the UK's toughest trails 29er speed Enduro wheelset Straight pull spokes and hub 15mm FR and 12x RR thru axle not supplied Weight: g.

DT Swiss X Spline Tufo S3 Pro Tubular Tyre A great track training tire that will not only provide you with excellent traction but will also last you for long seasons of riding. Hard wearing training tyre Folding bead x 25c. Multiple size, tread and sidewall options High level puncture protection Road or gravel ready. Clement Strada USH Tyre c When speed is a top priority but the road is unpredictable,the c Strada USH stands out as a light and fast tire that can handle it no matter what the road is made of.

Continental Sport Contact II c Wired Tyre The tyre of choice for couriers and high speed commuters due to its SafetySystem Puncture Protection, lightweight nylon fabric and reinforcing Kevlar for excellent resistance against punctures and cuts. Use: City, commuting Bead: Wire Multiple sizes available. Continental Grand Sport Race c Wired Tyre Waiting for Stock Reliability and performance that will last you all year round without a hefty price tag. Weight: x23c g Dual compound tread 3x tpi sidewalls HD puncture protection tread belt. Jack Brown Mile Muncher c Folding Tyre If you're munching the miles and looking for a ultra durable, fast rolling, puncture resistant tyre with more performance than a Durano and better handling feel than a Gatorskin then make Jack Brown Mile Muncher your new best friend.

With a distinctive cross-hatched grip pattern, Protite belt and edge to edge taffeta-nylon puncture protection the Jack Brown race is g Full case puncture protection Weight: g ZSG dual compound rubber for wear and grip Kevlar folding bead. Durable rigid bead. Proven and dependable Nylon casing.

Vittoria Randonneur Wired Tyre The Vittoria Randonneur II is a great, thick, all around tire for your everyday riding needs and offers comfort as well as durability. Vittoria Randonneur Wired Tyre Puncture-resistant, durable tire for the city and touring use even in the occasional wet. Regulation-compliant for e-bikes and its low rolling resistance has a positive impact on the battery performance Available in c and MTB sizes Reflective stripe for safety around traffic.

Graphene enhanced grip and durability Wired bead Road and light off-road use Multiple sizes. Vittoria Revolution c Wired Tyre Ground breaking all conditions tyre from Vittoria with a deep rubber centre section that has been cut like a performance sports car tyre the Revolution performs in the wet and dry. All conditions high volume tyre Wired bead Road and light off-road use 38mm x c.

Weight: g - Discipline: All-round. Vittoria Zaffiro IV Rigid Tyre The training tire benchmark includes a strong nylon casing, secure grip, and long tread life. Hard wearing training tyre Wired bead Weight g x 25c. Vittoria E-Rando Wired Tyre E-bikes need their own specific tyres, they have higher drive, need to support more weight and of copurse you wnat them to be as free rolling and as puncture resistant as possible.

E-bike specific version of the best selling Randoneur Reliable, puncture proof Fast rolling, reduce battery drain tpi, double shielded. Impac RacePac c Wired Tyre Fast rolling tread pattern with grooved areas to help with grip on the roads as well as cut through the wet road surface during and after a rain shower. Geax Barro Marathon Folding Tyre The Barro Marathon is a cutting-edge multi-purpose tyre with an aggressive, moderately spaced pattern that handles the toughest terrains without increasing rolling resistance.

Multi-purpose tire for medium to wet conditions Stiff tread sheds dirt and debris. Triple compound tread all models 26" wheel size Folding bead all models.