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Freebies definition, something given without charge or cost, as a ticket to a performance or sports event or a free sample at a store: Freebies can be very useful.
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Mentioned in? References in periodicals archive? As a seemingly 'better off ' pensioner, no doubt RK will have to pay privately for any end of life care he may need, so EG should bear this in mind when begrudging him his ' freebie ' entitlement. Freebies, hard work and rights. As a disabled pensioner I have a blue badge for my car, another freebie , but not really. Degree of cash; Your say.

Otherwise, you may find that your ' freebie ' wasn't really free after all. If you're permanently skint or just can't resist a freebie , head on over to smartfreestuff. IT'S another fab freebie for one lucky punter with the chance to wade in to the bookies clutching five crisp tenners. Spontaneous Dot-combustion. Sadly, the panel is full at the moment, but Tesco says it may be recruiting again in a few weeks. You'd mainly be testing non-food products, with freebies including skincare, haircare, toiletries, household cleaners and clothing. All volunteers that participate in a survey but do not qualify to test free products are put into a regular prize draw.

If you enjoy being part of the Clicks team, you can also choose to be part of its elite Sensory Panel. This involves a small online training course that takes no more than half an hour to complete at home.

No freebies means

You can then join the Food Hall trials and Focus Groups where you'll get to enjoy free products on the day and earn a generous reward too. This means that rather than asking for general feedback, companies will ask you to discuss products with your friends on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. The feedback doesn't have to just be positive, it can be negative as well - as long as it's honest.

Alba Science - which has around 15, home testers - offers freebies such as shampoos, lotions and oils, in exchange for a review that is posted on its website. Currently it has live trials for face wipes women aged 18 to 65 and face masks women aged 20 to Alba said: "Our home user panel are asked to test products and provide their opinion. These products have all been safety tested and many are already on the market. Our clients are looking to substantiate marketing claims or to get consumer opinion.

All we ask in return is for your opinion.

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The products and length of trial varies. You can register as a volunteer on its website by going here.

FREEBIE | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

There are two types of studies: home user ones where you test products and then complete feedback surveys online, and controlled on-site studies, which are carried out in the Boots evaluation centre in Nottingham. Not everyone who applies will be accepted as Boots balances its volunteers to make sure it has a wide range of demographics. Entry is closed at the moment, but it opens up every now and then, so it's worth checking back. Philips runs a product tester program to find out what consumers think of its new launches.

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All you need to do is register with the site and apply for the different tests - although 'My Philips' members are already registered and can log in straight away. You'll either get products for free or at a discounted price - depending on what type of test it is. Past tests have included everything from irons and hair clippers to breast pumps and electric toothbrushes. For each new product launch, ELEMIS selects a panel of reviewers based on their suitability and provides full size items to be tested and reviewed.

To apply to join the panel you can fill out a short form here. While it's mostly known as an online survey site, it also gives away free products to test, such as shower gel, toothpaste and cosmetics.


You can sign up for a free account and choose - from the limited selection - which products you want to test. To receive free products, visit the 'testing' area of the site under rewards , and apply. Toluna then randomly selects the testers, and once you receive the product you'll be asked to send it your feedback. My Mothercare asks families to test out products and give their opinion, in return for exclusive access to existing and new products. The testing process is tailored to the details you provide during registration — for instance the stage of your pregnancy or age of your child.

Mothercare says you could test from a whole range of well-known brands including Bugaboo, iCandy, Chicco and Fisher-Price.

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